Next Generation Information Security Products,
Advanced Threat Intelligence Solutions

Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing Platform

  • On-demand, engaging, interactive browser-based training
  • Simulated social engineering attack platform to reinforce training
  • World’s largest library of security awareness training content

Cyber Threat Intelligence and Digital Threat Management Platform

  • Understand your digital attack surface
  • Investigate threats, pinpoint adversaries, and prevent attacks
  • Analyze threats and orchestrate take downs
  • Online portal, API, third-party partner integrations with all information sourced and graded

Brand, Executive, Employee and Location Threat Intelligence

  • Collect, enrich, and analyze digital data from social, surface, deep, and dark web, and proprietary sources
  • Leverage machine learning automation and advanced search capabilities to visualize trends and anticipate threats
  • Reduce alert fatigue and facilitate more effective operational, physical, and cyber risk management

IOT Device Threat Prevention

  • Prevent IoT threats from disrupting business operations
  • Discovery and Inventory, Capture Device Snapshots, Establish Device Identities
  • System Relationships, Behavioral Monitoring,  IOT Threat Intelligence

Password Auditing and Recovery

  • Enforce strong passwords across your enterprise
  • Ultrafast  Password Cracking and Remediation
  • Windows, Linux, BSD, and AIX support.

Breach Prevention Solutions

  • Close security gaps and ensure only trusted, known assets connect to corporate networks
  • Provide real-time defense against cyber attacks including zero-days, phishing, and ransomware
  • Deliver actionable intelligence including vulnerability assessments, patch management, and compliance reporting

Wireshark Enhancement Product

  • Capture 802.11 WLAN packets for rapid, comprehensive analysis
  • Monitor Multiple Channels Quickly and Conveniently with AirPcap and Wireshark
  • The only Microsoft Windows-based wireless packet capture device

Industrial Control Systems Visibility and Security

  • Continuously monitor and networks and assets
  • Identify Security Flaws – Alert on anomalies and changes
  • Visualize Networks and Data Flows

Security and Scalable Communications and Collaboration Platform

  • Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar for business
  • Business-grade security and privacy
  • Data protection and regulatory compliance

Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing

  • Comprehensive solution for assessing and testing security vulnerabilities
  • Consolidates and prioritizes vulnerability management
  • Combines multiple vulnerability scans across vendors, while matching known exploits and simulating attacks.

Next-Generation Security Platforms

  • Firewalls, Application Identification, Intrusion Prevention, and URL Filtering
  • End-Point Security
  • Cloud Security Solutions