Vulnerability management practices are often reactive and difficult for most IT departments to keep up with prioritizing, testing, and deploying patches. Patching may not be possible with legacy systems. In some cases, configuration changes or compensating controls are required to protect against likely attacks. 

Our Enriched Vulnerability Management Service enables organizations to understand the most likely attacks and prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities. 

We combine an inventory of your assets (Hardware, Software, Network Infrastructure, Cloud Services, Applications) with Cyber Threat Intelligence gathered from Social Media, Underground Forms, Cybercrime intelligence, News, Forums, and Blogs to prioritize CVEs based on which ones are most likely to be weaponized against your organization. 

This service provides dvanced knowledge of zero-day exploits, Ransomware, RATS, and APTs that affect your specific environment to effectively inform your patch management activities, configuration changes, and compensating controls. Your organization will be better prepared for the next high-profile attack before it becomes headline news.